From the Photographer

If you want to learn about how Desiree & Jason met, & their proposal, check out their Engagement Blog before reading on. These two have been through a lot before their wedding! I asked Desiree & Jason to share their experience in their own words. The wedding itself was a perfect fall afternoon to celebrate their love with their special guest Autumn Rose (their bundle of joy). I am so happy for them both. They deserve all the happiness in the world. Please enjoy reliving this day with me.

Words from Desiree & Jason

Memorable Moments during Engagement

The most memorable moments of our engagement? Oh boy. Our engagement lasted 15 months and it has been a whirlwind beginning to end! I think more memorable moments in that time than in our whole lives before. After years of infertility and rpl, we conceived a surprise miracle during a trip to Las Vegas, 5 months into the engagement. Then 3 months into the pregnancy, the us was part of a Global Pandemic.  

Advice to Future Couples

Because I'm a psycho, I had all the important parts of the wedding planned, hired and paid for by December so all we had to do was work on small details and decor. And after all that was on our plate thank God I did. 

A mass seen on an ultrasound at 29 weeks, turned out to be an extremely rare tumor which required many trips to Philadelphia for prenatal care during the last month of pregnancy and then we stayed in Philadelphia, 2 hours from home for 5 weeks after she was born while our baby recovered from major surgery. These were the days leading up to our wedding. We finally got to take our baby home Wednesday October 14, and our wedding was on October 17. 

The Pandemic had everyone rescheduling their weddings and everyone expected us to and some thought we should, including the venue. Honestly our baby girl had that Pandemic being the last thing on our minds!

A lot of the details towards the end happened because we had help from our closest family and friends.  

All that being said, my advice for other couples getting married is don't procrastinate, don't let anything get in your way, and let your loved ones help you. 

Best Part of your Wedding Day

When it comes to the wedding day the most important part is the person you are marrying. When it's all said and done all those little details you let yourself stress about don't matter anymore, and honestly guests don't remember most of that little stuff anyway. So for God's sake, have fun and celebrate and love each other.