On Septemeber 24, 2023:

Braving the Storm: Brianna & Tyler's Wedding at Blue Mountain Resort We embarked on a remarkable journey with Brianna & Tyler at Blue Mountain Resort despite the relentless storm.

The storm may have raged on, but so did the love between this incredible couple. We weren't deterred by the rain but saw an opportunity for a unique and unforgettable moment. Under the shelter of an umbrella, we captured an epic portrait that will be a lasting memory of their love amidst the raindrops.

Sharing these preview moments is a privilege, and we are grateful for the trust Brianna & Tyler placed in us to document their special day. Their love and resilience shine through in every frame, proving that love conquers all, even stormy weather. Stay tuned for more glimpses of this extraordinary day, where love triumphed over the elements.

Brianna & Tyler, thank you for allowing us to be part of your remarkable journey.

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