I have to share a message I received with you...

At the start of the new year, I photographed my first boudoir session inside the boudoir den of dreams, in our home at Jim Thorpe and it was EPIC on so many levels. I was totally overjoyed when my client went ahead and booked a session despite her self-esteem being really low.

She said YES to gifting herself something really fabulous and you'll love what she had to say about the images!

A few days ago my client received her online gallery.

Our text conversation went like this...

🌹 Client: "I don't know how the hell you did it but I freaking LOVE the photos!"

💄 Me: "You look, killer!"

🌹 Client: "Thank you, I can't believe it's me, you are freaking amazing"

💄 Me: "It's 100% YOU"

🌹 Client: I've been staring at these images for 20 minutes now and it must be some kind of witchcraft. You are some kinda sorcerer supreme. These pics of me are hot as hell!"

💄 Me: "Maybe I spent a few semesters at Hogwarts. These kinds of reactions and messages is WHY I love doing this so much"

🌹 Client: "You are AMAZING. I needed this in the worst way, I've been so down and this has thrilled me. thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!"

💄 Me: "You're so welcome, you are beautiful"

A boudoir session is so much more than photos - Take a look here

It's a liberating experience that will light you up in so many ways!


I have something for you...

I've created an awesome free download that you can access by clicking the image below. It's the BEST six reasons why a boudoir session will rock your world and make you feel all kinds of incredible!

💄It's worth a quick look, right?